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bulletSee what we can do for your business.
bulletAn awning from Ash Enterprises is great for...
      *use as a sign
      *improving the appearance of your business or storefront
      *shade from the mid-day sun
bulletAll fabric awnings are welded and made of aluminum tubing with rounded corners to prevent cutting of the fabric.
bulletBacklit illuminated awnings with lettering & logos are also available for your business awning.
bulletWe have over 500 different solid or striped colors of fabric for you to choose from.

Here are just a few examples of what an awning or entrance canopy from Ash Enterprises can do for your business.

(Click on any of the thumbs to enlarge the picture.)

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Custom Covers
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Entrance Covers
Entrance Covers
Entrance Covers
Entrance Covers
Entrance Covers
Vertical Sign Faces 

Lateral Arm Awning


Retractable Awning
Metal Patio Covers

Custom Cover

Deck Cover
business 17.gif (59909 bytes)
Convex Arrow Corner
business w.gif (107335 bytes)
Stair Cover

Stairway Cover

Old Style Roll-Up

Old Style Retractable

business j.gif (33994 bytes)
Straight Slope

Open End Straight Slope
business y.gif (89715 bytes)
Bank Drive Through
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business n.gif (116620 bytes)
business p.gif (84815 bytes)

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business h.gif (48592 bytes)
business a.gif (53810 bytes)
Straight Slope w/ Vertical
Face for Sign
business r.gif (116883 bytes)
business s.gif (97717 bytes)
Sloped Ends
business x.gif (106202 bytes)
business z.gif (96877 bytes)
Radius Around Corner